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The Mulakanadu Sabha was founded in Madras in 1936. The Sabha owes its existence today due to the great vision and commitment of our Pedhalus of yesteryears who shaped the destinies of this Sabha which has served the members of this community for so many years with distinction. We need to express our gratitude to all those who have been associated with the Sabha, as Presidents and Members of committees.

Brief life sketches of our stalwarts are given below, which could be a source of inspiration for the future generation and enthuse them to continue the wonderful service done by the earlier generation. The Presidents who have served this Sabha for the past 70 years are:

 Rao Sahib Sri C.V.Krishnaswami Aiyar (1877-1936)

Sri Calidas V.Krishnaswami Aiyar, the first President of the Mulakanadu Sabha, was born in circar 1877 in a family of learned Pandits and scholars.

He obtained his degree in B.A. and thereafter a degree in Law. He was an outstanding student in his school and college. In recognition of his distinguished service he was conferred the title of "Rao Sahib" by the Government.

In 1935 when members desired to start an association for the Mulakanadu community he gave the leadership and was elected the first President of the Mulakanadu Sabha. Unfortunately he passed away within a short period.

His sons, Sri C.K.Venkatanarasimhan and Sri C.K.Mahalingam served as Secretary and member of the Executive committee. In the recent years, his grand daughter Dr.Prema Krishnaswamy has served as a Vice-President for a few years.

 Rao Bahadur Sri Sambasiva Sastry (1880-1945)

Sri Gokarna Sambasiva Sastry was born on 16th May 1880 in Pudukkotai. He, graduated with a B.A. degree in Physics, served the Telegraph Department of Government. He was a brilliant Administrator and scholar. He was awarded the titile of "Rao Bahadur" by the Government in 1935 in recognition of his meritorious service.

He was one of the stalwarts who was responsible for the formation of our Sabha.

 Rao Bahadur Sri S.K.Subramaniam (1897-1956)

Sri Subramania Kamakshi Subramaniam was born in Trichy in 1897. He graduated with a degree in engineering from Guindy Engineering College. By his sheer dint of hard work and astute leadership, he became the Managing Director of Gannon & Dunkerley of the Madras chapter.

In recognition of the service in the field of Civil engineering he was given the title of "Rao Bahadur" by the Government. He was a great scholar and served the Sabha with distinction. His son Sri S.K.Sankaran served as a Secretary. He was a deeply religious person and passed away at the feet of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupathy.

 Rao Bahadur Sri M.Venkataramiah (1883-1953)

Sri Maniyam Venkataramiah was born in the year 1883 and he was M.A., B.L. He was a brilliant lawyer and served as a Judge with distinction and he was given the title of "Rao Bahadur" by the Government. He was a disciplinarian and brought good governance practice in the conduct of our Sabha by the way of conducting regular election, forming committees and meetings. He was instrumental in bringing in scholarship scheme in our Sabha and helping the poor and needy. He was a great scholar and theosophist.

 Sri S.Sundaram (1880-1950)

Sri Sundaram was born in the year 1880 and he had obtained a B.A. degree from the Madras University and went overseas and qualified himself as a Barrister-at-law, perhaps the first Mulakanadu to do so. He toured ceded districts and enrolled a lot of members in the Sabha which rose from 143 to 431 during his tenure. He served the Sabha with distinction. His son-in-law Sri R.Ganapathy Iyer and his grandson Sri Gopalakrishnan and his great grandson Sri S.Ganapathy Subramaniam have served the Sabha in various capacities.