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K.Elluswamy, Treasurer   R.L.Narasimhan, President    S.Ganapathy Subramaniam,   Vice-President

MULAKANADU SABHA was formed in the year 1936 with a view to bring together the people belonging to the small Mulakanadu Brahmin community who had spread throughout the southern parts of India, having migrated from the distant northern parts of Andhra, centuries ago. The main intention was to help each other wherever possible.

For over 70 years, thanks to the untiring efforts of the various members of the community, the Sabha has been able to achieve its aim to a certain extent. That this Sabha has been functioning as an effective body for these long years, in the face of various constraints in terms of financial, logistical and diverse cultural settings, is indeed a tribute to the Office bearers and Members who have greatly contributed to its continued existence.

In the changed world and with the powerful tools of communication such as a Web site, available now, it is possible to redefine our objectives and perhaps enhance the levels of mutual co-operation among the members, for benefiting not only our members, as also, in the process spread it across to the Society in which we live.

Many of our current Members feel that time is ripe to take a step in this direction for the following benefits could accrue :

          Fast and effective communication
          Updation of members list and addresses continuously.
          Easy accessibility to information
          Reach out to more members who are away from main cities.
          Large savings in communication costs and reduce laborious office             works in running the Sabha.
          Interact with each otherwhich could bring forth benefits such as             extending timely help in diverse ways,establishing contacts with whom             they have lost touch.
          Making  it meaningful for the younger generation to participate in the             activities of the Sabha.  

We have only very briefly touched upon some of the aspects of the immense benefits, this medium of communication will bring forth to the members. This effort will perhaps be the best manner in which we can express our gratitude and repay for the rich legacy we inherit from our forefathers.

We welcome whole heartedly any suggestions and help in improving the format or contents of this website, as also your views.

                                                                                                    - PRESIDENT